Newspaper works hard to inform the student body of current issues and events concerning Centereach High School. From bands to politics, Centereach reporters cover everything! The advisor Mr. Nielsen is supportive of the staff and their efforts to report the truth! Also an added incentive is the pizza that everyone partakes of before starting their day’s work. With the help of the advisors, the reporters are able to find the most interesting topics for each paper. The editors work hard to edit the articles and create attractive layouts. With hard working students, the CHS paper is at its best!


Editors in Chief: Angela Boscarino and Riah Sharma

Managing Editor: Chris Baker, Josefine Nielsen and Ashley Gomez

Photography: Elizabeth Perez

Fashion: Alexandria Ortiz

Sports: Emily Tirado

Website Admin/Technical Editor: Samer Mahmoud


Meets every Friday in Room 250 and Computer Room – 2:00-3:00 p.m.



Seniors Celebrate Their Day With Friends Family, Glorious Sunshine!

    By Riah Sharma After four long years, our seniors have finally made it to their graduation. On June 25, Centereach High School celebrated the hard work of the class of 2017d.  As Dr. Lydia Patton had once said, “graduation is the beginning of knowing who you are, why you are, and always knowing…


CHS Students place 2nd in Moot Court Competition

By: Riah Sharma   The students at Centereach High School never fail to make us proud.  Recently, three of our own sophomores have won second place at the EDNY Moot Court Competition. In July 2016, the Eastern District of New York Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, partnered with the District Court for the Eastern…


Senior Prom Earns Perfect 10! The Place, the Weather, the Music, the People!

By Annalie Buscariono   Strutting to the glare of laser lights and thrumming music of impressive limo buses, Centereach seniors approached Georgio’s Catering Hall with sentimental smiles and bubbling excitement. Donned in gowns and tuxedoes, students gazed in awe over the sprawling green that cradled their childhood dreams and aspirations. The breeze tickled the tiered hair of…


Asia Heritage Night Celebration–Let’s Dance!

By: Riah Sharma On Wednesday, May 31, Centereach High School, once again, radiated its uniqueness in the fourth annual Asian Heritage Night with a theme of holidays in Asia. The night began with Principal, Thomas Bell and Asia Heritage Night Chairperson, Olivia Zhu introducing the event to the audience. Afterwards, the country leaders of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India,…


Valedictorian Demi Lambadis Talks About Her Journey

  By Mehek Ahmed   Demi Lambadis is not only a talented dancer, but she is also an exceedingly successful student in her academics. Lambadis was given the honor as the Valedictorian for the class of 2017, while being recognized by the College Board for her outstanding performance in her Advanced Placement exams and her…


Middle Country’s ‘Mad Dogs’ Tear Up the Turf Defeating Northport 13-3 for the Class A County Championship. Next Stop– The Long Island Championship.

Unstoppable Girls Lax Strike Again! By Chris Baker The journey continues for the Middle Country Girls Lacrosse team as they dominated their way across Long Island! Thanks to the determination and hard work of every player, the girls have finally earned their spot in the Long Island Championship. Jamie Ortega led the team with five…


Seniors Together with Community Celebrate 46th Annual Academic Awards Night

  By David Hatami This past Tuesday, March 23, Centereach High School hosted their 46th annual Academic Awards Night. The three hour reception rewarded the elite of the class of 2017 through a variety of awards and scholarships, paired with monetary grants. Scholarships were given through numerous teachers, clubs, and organizations, and praised excellence in…


Poetry Slam Gets Our Attention!

  Poetry Slam Hits Where Words Often Miss by Sakib Choudhury On Friday, April 21, Literary Magazine at Centereach High School hosted its second annual Poetry Slam. This event featured recitations of various poems, written by a handful of talented high school poets. The event opened with a poem about romance by Tyler Luu. What…


CHS Takes on Broadway!

CHS Takes On Broadway   By Emily Bassett   On Friday, April 21st, Centereach presented its fifth annual Broadway Night to the friends and family of its students. Complete with show stopping acts from timeless musicals like The Lion King and newer hits like Hamilton, there was something there for everyone.    Centereach’s Broadway Night never fails to…


Centereach Acapela Invitational Busts Out Sweet Tunes All Night

          by Emily Bassett Centereach High School celebrated its annual Acapella Invitational this Saturday night. Talented groups of singers from several Long Island schools awed the audience with catchy songs and amazing beat boxing. Within the crowd was MC Beats, the national female beat box champion of 2012, and both the Potsdam…


Centereach and Newfield Together Celebrate Academic Achievement Over Long Island Bagels, And Why Not?

By Annalie Buscarino   Centereach High School Library– Students craned their necks from beyond the library doors to catch a glimpse of the food lining the tables within; the distinct aroma of Long Island bagels catching their attention from the hallway. Administrators were scattered about the room, proudly exchanging pamphlets and conversations concerning the day’s…


The Little Mermaid: Beyond our Wildest Dreams

By Emily Dwyer   On Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18, the colors, beauty, and magic of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” came to life upon the Centereach High School Stage. The musical was filled with stunning sets, elaborate and impressive costumes, makeup, hair, and incredibly talented students. This show was not just actors and…


33rd Annual Fashion Show Sizzles the Look for 2017

By: Alexandria Ortiz   Last night was the thirty-third annual Centereach High School Fashion Show. Models from all grades, and even some teachers too, joined together to create a fun, entertaining night. Many families from our community came to cheer on their model. This fashion show, run by the PTA, raised a significant amount of…


Seniors Scare Their Way to Class Comp Victory!

  by Olivia Zhu Each year students and teachers look forward to the excitement and exhilaration of Class Competition. This year, it did not upset. Stands were filled with participants, parents, and other students cheering on their class. Seniors started their night on the right foot, winning first place with their apocalyptic skit. Juniors followed…


“A Chapter Ending but the Story’s Only Just Begun”…a fitting quote for this past weekend’s annual Senior Variety Show

  by Angela Boscarino A talented bunch of students gathered to collectively put together a night full of entertainment from comical mockery of our favorite teachers to creative skits/acts showcasing the talent of the class of 2017. The night was kicked off by hosts Tyler Luu and Jared McMahon, who captivated the audience with their…


Senior Variety Show “Our Big EX17” A Red Carpet Performance!

By David Hatami This past Friday, January 6, the Class of 2017 impressively displayed their numerous talents in a grand assortment of skits and performances at Centereach’s own Senior Variety Show. The show was hosted by Jared Mcmahon and Tyler Luu, also known as the “Voice of Centereach,”who began the night with a whimsical stand-up…


My Experience Becoming a Journalist

By Mehek Ahmed   Journalism can be a broad study. It can range from writing to photography to videography to broadcast to above and beyond through the use of modern forms of media. I’m proud to see that Centereach High School’s Newspaper Club is prevailing through the use of our online newspaper site and new…


AP Students Honoree Breakfast Celebration!

By Emily Dwyer On November 23,  Centereach High School honored its AP students who received a four or a five on any AP examination last year. The event provided a bagel breakfast, certificates, and a touching statement by Ms. Strong. She explained how we must be grateful, in this season of Thanksgiving, to all of…


Best College Choice Not Necessarily the Ivy League

By Sumaiya Chaudhry and Laiba Qureshi As students get closer to their senior year of high school, their minds should be set on where they want to go from there. Maybe a college or university will satisfy them or maybe it will be the desire of traveling around the world that will do them good.…


Crosscurrents Says Hello!

  by Angela Boscarino and Riah Sharma–   As we welcome the new school year, we’d like to take the time now to introduce ourselves as the co-chief-editors of the Centereach High School Crosscurrents.  Our names are Riah Sharma and Angela Boscarino and we are extremely excited to take on our roles as editors and…


SAT Redesign and Khan Academy Partnership

By: Solyman Hatami Spring of 2016 marks the establishment of the first wave of the newly redesigned SAT, characterized by equal opportunities, a more modern layout, and less alienation from average high school students. The main changes include an optional document based essay, a return to the previous 1600 point scale, a broader spectrum of…

Muhammad Ibraheem, Class of 2012 Receives Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award from Rochester Institute of Technology

By Mehek Ahmed On Thursday, April 6, 2017, Mohammad Ibraheem, a former student and graduate of Centereach High School, received the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Awards, which required at least eighty three credit hours of study and a cumulative grade point average of 3.85, from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Ibraheem is not only a student…