Newspaper works hard to inform the student body of current issues and events concerning Centereach High School. From bands to politics, Centereach reporters cover everything! The advisor Mr. Nielsen is supportive of the staff and their efforts to report the truth! Also an added incentive is the pizza that everyone partakes of before starting their day’s work. With the help of the advisors, the reporters are able to find the most interesting topics for each paper. The editors work hard to edit the articles and create attractive layouts. With hard working students, the CHS paper is at its best!


Editors in Chief: Angela Boscarino and Riah Sharma

Managing Editor: Chris Baker, Josefine Nielsen and Ashley Gomez

Photography: Elizabeth Perez

Fashion: Alexandria Ortiz

Sports: Emily Tirado

Website Admin/Technical Editor: Samer Mahmoud


Meets every Friday in Room 250 and Computer Room Р2:00-3:00 p.m.


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