2021 Pep Rally

Written by Madison Lloyd

On September 24, 2021, Centereach High School was able to have its first real event of the year: their annual Pep Rally! Unable to do one last year due to COVID-19 responses, the students were over the top excited to bring back the tradition. Student athletes all over the school wore their uniforms just for the occasion. The school was a sea of blue! 

The weather for that day was unfortunately cloudy, which brought up suspicions of possible rainfall, and therefore the cancellation of the rally. Thankfully, the weather bestowed mercy upon CHS, and students quickly poured out of the school and onto the football field, ready for some fun and entertainment.

Due to the bright sky of that Friday afternoon, the Class of 2022 was also able to take the senior picture. What was supposed to be a quick photo turned into a long ordeal as the seniors and staff watched yearbook advisor Mrs. Reynolds struggle to find the perfect angle to capture the perfect picture. She went really high on the boom lift to do it. Finally, with the students crammed together in the bleachers and Mrs. Reynolds in the air, the crowd was a mass of pleasant smiles first, silly faces second. 

Next came the official commencement of the pep rally, as all sports students from Fall seasoned sports filed out onto the football field to be announced and honored. In addition to this were the performances made by the Varsity Kickline team and the Middle Country Twirl team. 

Also, as a part of the homecoming weekend, the members of the homecoming court were picked. In true CHS fashion, the homecoming committee decided to be socially inclusive to all members of the student body by eliminating the specific gendered terms of the homecoming court. So, the winners of the homecoming royalty were freshmen Rachel Gray and Aiden Eck, sophomores Grace D’Acampora and LaRawn Robinsons, juniors Alana Cintron and Khamani Vincent, and seniors Isabella Fitzgerald and Patrick Waryold. Congratulations to all winning members!

That being the final event, the pep rally was concluded. What a fun and exciting day it was, and an amazing prequel to Homecoming day!

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