Centereach Homecoming Class Skits

Written by William Mercado

The 2021 Homecoming event was a day full of jam packed excitement. Throughout the day, an assortment of representatives from all aspects of Centereach High School gathered to support the amazing game that followed! Kicking off the day, the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors all put on their own skits, each representing a different place around the world. 

For the first performance, the freshmen  paid tribute to the continent of Asia. Their positive and excited demeanor greatly impacted the eagerness in the crowd. When preparing for their skit, 9th grader Paige Spencer said “It was very very hard” and that “there was a lot of switching midway because it’s not the same on the field as it is where we’re practicing…”. In the end however, the freshman class pulled off a fantastic skit by most notably utilizing a large banner of a dragon and snake, which really gave their performance some flare. Following them was the Sophomore class with their skit themed around Brazil, featuring great music, creative dances and most notably decked out little parade cars. Vice president, Ferheen Bokhari said that, despite some challenges, “[they] did pretty okay with the amount of people [they] had and the amount of time [they were given]”.

Next up was the Juniors,  who paid tribute to Europe. The Juniors created large props and decorations to bring onto the field, all of which were used with their choreographed show.  Their props resembled several famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower. They also created two enormous airplanes. President Lauren Hoppe was “feeling pretty good” about their skit, however her and the other classes were a little intimidated by the senior class. She said, “We know the seniors have pretty good dance moves”, but she was confident that the Junior class would score a close second place.

Finally, the Senior class ran onto the field to present their skit themed around North America. Hunter Emerson, president of the senior class, said that his class was “…really good at the skits and dancing…” and that he was confident in their skit. However even the seniors didn’t go without a little bit of nervousness, as Hunter agrees with the other classes in that “… [the juniors had] really good props”. 

In the end, it was the Senior class who would take home the first place spot, after a hilarious and even tear jerking performance showcasing the graduating class in caps and gowns. Overall, the classes had a great time putting on their skits and cheering one another on. Once again, the community of staff and students put on a fantastic event that will be remembered for years to come.  

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