Alice in Wonderland: Behind the Scenes with Stage Crew

Written by William Mercado

Centereach High School’s Drama team put on a great showing of Alice in Wonderland. However, the show wouldn’t have had the same magic without the help of their Building, Running, Painting, Lighting and Sound crew! Quite a few students worked to build set pieces, paint them, work the lights and the sound for the production. Crew members even set the stage and handled backdrops during the live shows in complete darkness all in a matter of seconds! All of these efforts, from a variety of students, helped set the scene and give the actors the stage setting they deserved.

Being a part of the crew isn’t an easy task, and it is important we give the members of the crew the props they deserve! The crew worked many hours to ensure that everything was just as the Director, Mrs. Duryea, had imagined. Whether it was the fine tuning of the lighting cues or making sure the grass painted on the Duchesses’ house was just the right color.

Although it took a lot of hard work, crew members worked together as a team and had lots of fun. The best part about being apart of the production is that crew members get an inside look at the inner workings of these amazing productions. Crew is usually running in between blackouts or waiting in the wings just behind the curtains while the actors perform! If you ever want to join the Drama team but are not interested in being in the spotlight, try the crew and help be one of the hands behind the magic!

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