From May, 2021


Women’s History

By Madison Lloyd Throughout the month of March, Centereach High School celebrated women through history, with the help of its History Club. In order to properly pay tribute to the celebratory month, the history club produced a slideshow titled “Valiant Women Through Time”. As the students went through history, they talked about the women who have contributed and widely impacted the Women’s Rights Movement. Starting in the 19th century, Elizabeth Blackwell and Victoria Woodhall were mentioned, and moving on into the 20th century, they covered women like Alice Paul and Margaret Sanger. According to the History Club President, Dana Browning,…


Shrek – The Musical

By David Garcia Once again against all the challenges that covid presents, the theatre company puts on another amazing musical performance with Shrek The Musical. This spring production was about a green ogre (played by the one and only Joseph St George) named Shrek, who after being mocked and feared his entire life, decides to live in isolation at a repulsive green swamp. Shortly after, numerous fairy-tale characters (such as Pinocchio, a talking donkey, and the Three Pigs) barge into his swamp. Shrek’s solution to this issue is to help all of the intruders take back their homes. Things change…