CHS Gives Back to the Community

  • Madison Lloyd

Over the course of this school year, the students and staff of Centereach High School have made it their duty to give back to the community. What better way to accomplish this goal than through its multiple honor societies, the most notable being National Honor Society (NHS).

NHS has a mission statement that centers around the promotion of character, scholarship, leadership, and service within school and community life. Even with the struggles of this year’s way of life, they have not lost those aims and values; they have only exceeded the limits of excellence. This perspective is clearly brought out by NHS’ success in the multiple drives they organized, such as their coat drive and toy drive. During the former, the students of this group managed to collect 22 bags of coats to give to the less fortunate; the toy drive (which was also facilitated by the Music Honor Society) resulted in the accumulation of 240 toys. What a beneficial achievement! But, NHS didn’t stop there. More recently was their book drive, which was co-lead by the Selden Middle School Junior Honor Society. Together, these groups collaborated on a highly successful community service project with The Book Fairies. They supremely passed their goal of collecting 2,021 books by collecting 7,500 books. They clearly exceeded their goals of service within the community, which only displays the positive aspects of their character. 

NHS doesn’t act on its own when they show how CHS values everyone in its community. There are many other honor societies that exhibit the same values that NHS promotes, similarly with drives. The World Language Honor Society held a Book Drive as well, garnering 72 books of different languages. The Tech Honor Society held a Pajama Drive and ended up with 40 sets of “PJ’s”.

The Tri-M Honor Society took the position of spreading love and motivation throughout the community. During the holiday season, members made seasonal greetings cards to distribute to hospitals and nursing homes. As Spring began to roll around, they started a new project consisting of motivational certificates. By the end of March, the group had accumulated 1,450 cards to send to elementary schools throughout the district, effectively distributing optimistic vibes during this not-so-normal school year.