From March, 2021


P.S. I Love You

Leah Barahona I was very privileged to have the opportunity to interview Ms. Arizmendi via email to hear her thoughts on this year’s P.S I Love You Day (Week). She gave us a lot of insight into the story of how P.S. I Love You Day came to Centereach and what its future holds. What inspired you to bring PS I Love You Day to Centereach? Have you had previous ties to the organization? The year prior to getting this position at Centereach HS, I was doing a leave replacement at Three Village and one of the counselors asked me…


Black History Month

Madison Lloyd On February 24, 2021, Centereach High School’s History Club produced their first online event to celebrate Black History Month. With the motto Honouring the past, fighting for the present, and securing the future, the members did an amazing job at presenting African and Black American protests, with their proper theme being Protests Through…