12 Angry Men

– David Garcia

In spite of Covid, the show must go on. And so it did with Twelve Angry Men directed by Ms. Duryea and Ms. Landgrover. This fall drama production was about a group of men who have all been tasked with being on jury duty for a very intense case. The case holds the fate of a young boy who is on trial for presumably stabbing his father to death. This sets the scene for a performance filled with drama, suspense, and sorrow. The talented cast that performed this musical consisted of (cast list).

 After the musical, I interviewed a member from this performance cast and asked a few questions based on how covid affected the musical. First I asked about how the cast was picked and if covid made a difference in the usual picking process, and I was quite surprised with the answer. According to Allison Humanitzki, the cast was picked the same way they’ve always been, but with one small difference. Humanitzki answered, “I was so used to over 100 kids auditioning, then this year, it was like 20 people!” Twenty people may not seem like a huge cast of people, but during Covid, but thanks to all of the extremely talented students, this drama production was one that will go down in Centereach High School history. 

Secondly, I asked how long it took the cast and crew to put together and prepare for this production, and if rehearsing was more difficult than before due to Covid. Humanitzki replied, “We have been preparing for this production since November. Basically asking ourselves if we could do a production with the whole 6ft apart rule.” Rehearsing became more challenging than they thought it would be in the midst of a pandemic . These talented people managed to pull it off in a spectacular way.

I also asked Allison Humanitzki if  she could change one thing about the social distancing rules, what would she choose. She replied with, “Spacing! It was really challenging for us.” Hear this, it is understandable how troublesome it must have been to run a production of this scale with all the rules that have been mandated since this virus came along.  

Finally, I asked for her overall thoughts for this year’s production in comparison to previous years.   Did you enjoy it more or less? She proclaimed, “Personally, my opinion was pretty off at first, but now I would do anything to open up theatres and go back to work, and if I enjoy it or not, not really sure, I mean it’s tolerable.”   

How challenging a task for the Centereach Drama performers.  Overall, it was really inspiring to learn how these talented students and teachers put together an amazing production, even with Covid and new regulations.