From February, 2021


12 Angry Men

– David Garcia In spite of Covid, the show must go on. And so it did with Twelve Angry Men directed by Ms. Duryea and Ms. Landgrover. This fall drama production was about a group of men who have all been tasked with being on jury duty for a very intense case. The case holds the fate of a young boy who is on trial for presumably stabbing his father to death. This sets the scene for a performance filled with drama, suspense, and sorrow. The talented cast that performed this musical consisted of (cast list).  After the musical, I…


Chamber Orchestra

Madison Lloyd The events over the past year can definitely be characterized as harsh and unfavorable. Since that ball dropped at 12:00 am on January 1st of 2020, it has been one bad thing after the next. But, hopefully, people have all found outlets to relieve the inevitable stress that 2020 left in its wake. For some, that may be looking towards music. Thankfully, due to the amazing capabilities of the staff at Centereach High School, students looking for this outlet are able to attend after school clubs that can fulfill these wants and interests. Like the Chamber Orchestra, for…