A Brand New World

by Ciara Woellhof –

The traditional “school year” has changed.  This year, students all over the world are faced with a challenge that has completely changed the education system. Students who were used to seeing their teachers and friends at school every day have been were stripped of that experience and many other experiences all at once. All caused by the spread of Covid-19, aka the Corona Virus.  

We are all aware of the long break that occurred after the Corona Virus Pandemic hit in March, but what about the new school year? Currently, there are now various protocols in place. Students now have to wear masks at all times except for when they are eating during lunch periods. Students must socially distance when in class, in lunch, and even on the bus. There are multiple ways that schools are implementing in person education, but many schools across Long Island are following a hybrid model. This means that students attend class virtually on some days and in person on other days. At Centereach High School, the students were split into two groups. One half of the hybrid students go to school on Monday and Tuesday while the other half go to school on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is a fully remote or virtual day when all students receive assignments through Google Classroom. On the days when students aren’t in school, they attend school virtually and attend class through Google Meetings. 

There are definitely mixed emotions about the new school situation. Some students love it and some students hate it. There are some positives about Hybrid schooling. One, students are able to attend school virtually if they can’t get to school – the student is still marked absent, but that student will not miss the day’s work. Students can also get a little more sleep on the days that they don’t go to school in person and being able to go to school while still sitting in bed is another plus. 

One student from Centereach High School, Maria Werner, says, “I think hybrid model is better than having completely virtual school – although I would prefer to be at school all the time –  I think it’s a good medium.” When asked about the positive aspects of hybrid schooling, she responded, “I’m able to do things at my own pace more when I’m at home.” 

Students during their Lunch period.

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