DECA Volunteers With Habitat For Humanity

Megan Blount


On Saturday, March 7th, Centereach High School’s DECA and National Technical Honor Society set out to make a difference. The group was organized by Ms. Bradley who along with over twenty students journeyed to an unfinished home in Brentwood in order to lend their hands. The group teamed up with Habitat for Humanity who organizes the event every year in which they have various high schools spend a day working on a chosen home in any way they can. Upon our arrival in Brentwood, students were given the chance to explore the house and were then put to work for the day. The students were dressed in hard hats, safety glasses, and gloves. They were then given tool belts which they filled with hammers and nails.  Our school was tasked with both cleaning and moving sheetrock on the inside of the house as putting up vinyl siding on the outside of the home. The team was instructed by Eric, the Project Supervisor and a college student from Americorp who is subsidizing his college tuition by volunteering.  Both Eric and his assistant were eager to have additional hands on site and their patient instruction on how to accomplish the various tasks made the process less intimidating.  The CHS DECA volunteers worked for almost eight hours alongside the future homeowner.  After meeting Shelley, everyone agreed, the hours spent on a Saturday morning was worth every second just to see her smile.  According to Shelley, “This whole project began in May of 2019, but the actual renovations did not begin until October of 2019.  Once Habitat was in possession of the house, the very first thing we did was to put up plywood around the whole house to keep animals and vagrants away.  I’ve been coming here along with volunteers to help out whenever and however I can.  I just can’t wait to unpack and move in.”  It’s been a long process, but a noticeable improvement in the neighborhood.  Overall the day was filled with lots of fun, hard work, and new experiences which despite the cold weather and sometimes challenging work, it was an amazing experience to make a difference in our community.