The SADD Club

Anthony Scarpelli

The mission of SADD or Students Against Destructive Decisions is to empower young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them throughout their daily lives.  The Newspaper Club recently sat down to talk with Mr. Moreno, the Advisor of the Centereach High School’s SADD Club.  The interview was conducted after one of the Club meetings and I asked Mr. Moreno eight vital questions on the origins, activities, and inner workings of the famous club. 

Crosscurrents:   How did the SADD Club begin and what was the original name of the                                     club?

Mr. Moreno:      “The name of the club was at first called Students Against Drunk Driving                                until we changed the name to incorporate a multitude of topics that                                        teenagers face.” 

Crosscurrents:    How long has the SADD Club has been running for? 

Mr. Moreno:       “The SADD Club has been running for about twenty years.” 

Crosscurrents:    How many years have you worked as the student Advisor for the SADD                                 Club and which teachers have you worked with in the past to run the                                     club?

Mr. Moreno:       “I have been a student advisor of the club for seven years and I had                                        previously worked with Ms. Dorr. 

Crosscurrents:   What is the role of the club advisors?

Mr. Moreno:       “The club advisors plan and set up activities and events that the club                                       participates in.”

Crosscurrents:    How are Student Advisors chosen? 

Mr. Moreno:        “Students are voted in by the members of the SADD Club in order to                                       become a Student Advisor.” 

Crosscurrents:    What is your favorite activity in the SADD Club?

Mr. Moreno:      “There are so many…I love them all.  The club is involved with                                                   fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness, Frost Valley, and Grimm                                           Reaper Day, just to name a few of our event.  Any activity that brings                                       awareness to social issues and gets students involved become great                                         teachable moments and lasting memories”  

Crosscurrents:     Has the SADD Club always stayed in room 123 or have the meeting                                          locations shifted throughout the years.

Mr. Moreno:        “I am very fortunate to say that the SADD Club has always been in room                                  123.” 

The SADD Club meets on Fridays immediately after school.