Senior Class Wins Class Competition

The Senior Perspective    by Gabriella George


In 9th grade, going to “Class Comp” was just a chance to hang out with friends and watch our classmates perform in the skits.  With each passing year, Class Competition became the event we looked forward to the most because “Class Comp” is an event where everyone can participate.  For that one day, it doesn’t matter if you play an instrument, solve complicated math problems, or run “the mile” in under ten minutes.  What matters is that for the time we spend preparing and then performing, we are all working for one purpose: to win.

This year was very different.  Maybe it’s because it’s the last one or maybe it’s because the teachers took over the gym, but this year it just felt different.  As senior student Ed Laurino said, “After four years, I can’t believe we actually WON!”  The energy and excitement was so different this year. It was so much fun.

Ed was not the only student who enjoyed the afterschool event. According to Madison Stewart, “The Lip Sync Event made the Class Comp so much fun. I didn’t know that was part of the events.”  Participating in the Lip-Syncing Event did make this year’s Class Comp very different.  Since it is our last year, it gave some of us the opportunity to show off one last time. After the event I had the opportunity to talk with Lenny Bonilla who said, “In the beginning I was so nervous, but afterwards, when I learned we won that event, it was so worth it.”

While I am looking forward to going to college, getting involved in events like “Class Comp” will now be something I will miss.  I didn’t realize it in 9th grade, but being with so many people who were all working toward the same goal really did increase the excitement and made that one day so awesome.


Ryan Barry’s Recap: Sophomores

Class Competition is one of the most exciting days for all students and teachers involved. For the Sophomores, fun and excitement was to be expected, just as it had been last year. The Sophomores won seven out of eighteen events, and were clearly excited about it. The sophomores won the “Grocery Grab Bag,” after falling slightly behind throughout the race. They also won the “Three-Legged Race,” with a strong start from Courtney Keehner and Luke Ambrose. The sophomores won the “Caterpillar Race” with a neck to neck finish against the seniors. The “Citrus Pass” was another event in which the Sophomores dominated, coming in first yet again. For “Whipped Cream and Cherry” event the Sophomores won, with the points only adding to the excitement in their section. The Sophomore girls won the “Female Tug of War,” with the encouragement of their advisors. Some of the girls said that they only pushed harder because of their advisors, Ms. Duque and Ms. Mazza. After they won the “Female Tug of War,” the Sophomores rushed the gymnasium floor in an outbreak of happiness. After being settled back into the bleachers, Ms. Losito informed everybody of the rules that restricted them from running onto the gymnasium floor, for safety. Although they didn’t win the volleyball game we earned second place, but their energy was on point. The Sophomores won First Place for their “Space” Theme and they called themselves the “Spaced Out Sophomores”. The Sophomores’ skit was full of space songs and different little skits, such as the brief recreation of the Area 51 Raid and a scene from the movie E.T.



Class Competition 2020: Through the Eyes of a Sophomore              by Madison Lloyd

Watching the Class Competition of 2020 was a very interesting experience. As a sophomore, all I really cared about was the winnings and losses of the Class of 2022. Surprisingly, they really had me at the edge of my seat. I wouldn’t call myself a sports-y person; I’m not competitive and I never really cheer for a specific team. But the adrenalin I got from watching my peers compete for the next 100 points really got me to stand in the bleachers, yelling to them, “Come on!” I found myself getting pulled in when the sophomores were about to win an event, then letting feeling so disappointed when we missed it by a few seconds. Or when we definitely had it in the bag to only receive 25 points when the ending competitors couldn’t perform as well as the beginners.  The Three-Legged Race is what really moved me to have pride in my Sophomore classmates. While other students were literally getting dragged across the floor for first place, The Class of 2022 was winning with ease, making it look so easy. It was really impressive to say the least. However, if I had to give a Gold Star to somebody, it would doubtlessly be each Sophomore participant of the Female Tug of War. They really bought their energy and made sure to dominate that event. But if I’m going to give credit to them, I must congratulate their Class Advisors, Ms. Duque and Ms. Mazza. The Sophomores couldn’t have succeeded without them yelling in their faces – encouragingly, of course. The Sophomore skit gave a new definition of the phrase “A-game” with their recreation of Star Wars, Little Einstein’s, and E.T.! It was no surprise that we earned 100 points in this category. The Sophomores have officially landed on the moon, over. Uh, heck yeah we did! So even though we only came in third place (so close to second might I add, 25 points if you’re wondering), the Class Competition of 2020 was unexpectedly amazing.