P.S. I Love You

By: Anthony Scarpelli

When most people think of February 14th, images of red hearts, flowers, and chocolates usually come to mind.  This year, it was the color purple that dominated the halls of Centereach High School as students and teachers participated in P.S. I Love You Day.

Despite its tragic beginnings, in February 2011, Brooke DiPalma who attended West Islip High School decided to start the P.S. I Love You campaign in her school after her father’s suicide. The day was always planned to land in the second week of February to keep with the theme of love, however, with a different perspective on the word besides romance. During this event she and her friends would make Post-It notes with encouraging messages and she even created a YouTube video using a few of these positive messages. As of 2020 the video has 85,918 views. P.S I Love You Inc. accepts donations which is given to support their events and suicide prevention programs. 

For the students of Centereach High School the culminating event of the Kindness Challenge was marked with messages of encouragement by their teachers and peers.