Robotics Team

Ryan Barry

The Robotics Team’s season is well underway, and the team is hoping to qualify for the world championship, just like they did last year. They have scored in the top three of thirty-six teams in the four completions that have happened this season, and the team has qualified for the state championship. The theme this year is “Tower Takeover” where teams must build a robot to stack 5×5 cubes into goals located on the playing field. The Centereach High School robot can currently stack up to nine cubes at one time. Students on the building team are in charge of building this robot to complete these tasks. Then, the programming team has to program the robot so it can accomplish these goals. There is also the scouting team, which has to scout out other teams and their robots so that Centereach’s team can know about their competition before the actual event. Many of the members who were in Kentucky for the world completion last year say that their favorite moment was finding out that they had qualified and seeing their hard work pay off. Other members say that they enjoy how the team bonds and how their work pays off. The team has members that are just starting out, all the way up to members that have been with the team for four years and are graduating this year.