Food Drive

Madison Lloyd



As we all know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, whatever is at your dinner table, can’t wait to be eaten. But unfortunately, not all families have the pleasure of knowing they’re celebrating this delicious holiday this year. Luckily, Centereach High School hosts their annual Food Drives to give back to the families in need. G.O. Adviser Ms. Losito was in charge of the food drive and fortunately, she was able to give us some background information on the fruitful event.

What many people may not know is that the Food Drive initially starts with Trick or Treat Street, as donations of food and money serve as the admissions for that event. From there on out, it goes on for as long as it can be expanded. It ends just a few weeks before the Thanksgiving break. After asking Ms. Losito the question of whether or not she thinks the food drive should last longer, she tells us that there is time needed to sort out the food for the families. The families also receive gifts cards, so this allows them time to use them. This year, CHS has collected over 2,200 items, slightly exceeding last year’s amount. According to Ms. Losito, “We will be donating to 20 families and we have more food to give to Long Island Cares.” The families will be receiving the food soon. Usually most people pick up the food, but on the occasion of people not having transportation, Ms. Losito and Ms. Tiles, drop off the food themselves.

Like many of CHS’s other events, the food drive is a class competition. “Having this as a class competition event definitely increases participation, but students and Staff give regardless.  We have a very caring school,” Ms. Losito.  And that we do. Not only did the classes participate, items from CHS’s Tri-M and Football teams were also contributed. The food drive was an ultimate success and a great way to get so many students and staff involved with the community. Thank you Centereach!