Centereach V. Bellport

Alexa Cordingley

The Centereach Cougars kicked off the season with a 28-6 win over Bellport. The Cougars played a great game defensively and offensively, making the big game changer plays on defense. In the first 1 minute and 80 seconds of the game, Liam Webber had an interception. After Bellport regained possession, Jack Ackerler pushed Bellport back by sacking its quarterback. With 5 minutes and 38 seconds left in the first quarter, Billy Whelan got his hands on the pass thrown by Bellport’s quarterback, stopping them from catching the ball and scoring a touchdown. The first quarter score 0-0, and 2 minutes and 95 seconds into second quarter, Bellport scored an 88 yard touchdown, putting the cougars down to 6-0. At 6 minutes and 9 seconds left in the second quarter, Colin Newman punted the ball up the field. The receiver from Bellport fumbled the ball, which set up Centereach’s recovery. At 4 minutes and 25 seconds left in the second quarter, Matt Robbert scored a touchdown, making the score 7-6. Then, at 2 minutes and 40 seconds left in the second quarter, Matt Robbert scored another touchdown, giving the Cougars a 14-6 lead over Bellport. As the clock ticked, David Adegoke got an interception with only 11 seconds left in the second quarter. The half-time score was left at 14-6. At 11 minutes and 55 seconds left in the third quarter, Matt Robbert scored yet another touchdown making the score 21-6. In the final quarter, Liam Webber scored an additional touchdown, giving the Cougars an even bigger lead over Bellport. The Cougars made their big win over Bellport! The extra points were kicked by Matt Robbert, the offense was lead by Justin Robbert, and our tough defensive line, lock down secondary, and linebackers had great tackles and good pass coverage. Congratulations to all the players on the field that day!