Women’s History Month Celebration

By: Madison Lloyd

Centereach High School’s celebration of Women’s History Month was a night full of education and entertainment as students were able to come together and learn about Women’s History. The night had officially begun after the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem, followed by a powerpoint presentation about Powerful Women with Powerful Dreams. The audience was able to learn about key female figures in government and law such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Mary McLeod Bethune. Members of the Women’s History Committee talked about these women and how they are seen today. Another presentation created by Jessica Keiser and Faiza Syed was “Chatting With a Ghost From a Political Past.’ The ghost was Jeannette Rankin, the first woman in Congress, who chatted with an ordinary female citizen. As the students acted out this conversation, they sent the message of women gaining the rights they deserve and having to, “Go, go, go!” in order to achieve them.

Further information was given by guest speaker Vivian Viloria-Fisher. Viloria-Fisher was a former Spanish teacher here at Centereach High School, who later became a Suffolk County Legislator and a Congressional Candidate. Being an expert in government, she shared her love of politics and offered a few suggestions to students. One lasting impression that stuck with the audience was the importance of passion, intelligence, hard work, and optimism. Ms. Viloria-Fisher didn’t stop with her words of wisdom, she also left the listeners pondering over important issues like the difficulties that came with being different in the political world. After her contribution to the night, “Place/Position/Status” by George Elliot was read by Ayanna Hodge. The poem acknowledged women’s contributions to the world and focused on the theme of standing up and claiming your place in society.

The night would not have been a complete success without music from the CHS Jazz Band and Women’s Choir. Led by Mr. Schaarschmidt, the Jazz Band’s production of “Hey Sammy” by Bryan Kidd and “Give up the Funk” by Ralph Ford left the audience bobbing their heads and tapping their feet. The audience was impressed by the obvious talent of the many soloists. In addition to the Jazz Band, “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield was sung by the CHS Women’s Choir. Soloists were also featured in this production and it was crystal clear that every individual possessed great musical talent.

While the students were the reason for this successful event, the night would not have taken place without the dedication and enthusiasm of Ms.Strong. She is hopeful that the success of the evening will provide more knowledge on Women’s History as she believes that it is important for people to know what part women have played in the making of today’s world.

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