Freshmen Orientation

By Ebube Uwechia

On August 29 of 2018, the class of 2022 arrived to Centereach High School for their Freshmen Orientation. The new students were eager to learn about their new lockers and meet their new counselors and administrators, as well as search around their new school. Students first came to their assigned rooms to meet their counselors, class advisors and receive an envelope full of things they will need to have a successful freshman year. Counselors and Vice Principals spoke about their individual suites and how they are able to help the students throughout their high school careers. Shortly after, the upperclassmen of Centereach discussed their own experiences in high school which could potentially help their lowerclassmen experiences. Following, students went to find their lockers and their gym lockers with the helpful navigation of their upperclassmen. Students also got to learn more about how gym class works thanks to Mr. Budd’s and Mr. Santoro’s explaintations. Continuing, the freshmen headed to the auditorium to learn about the various clubs and honor societies available to them. Bible club, Newspaper, Robotics, Science Olympiad, and Art Honor Society are some of the few that came to welcome and showcase their club to the new students. To finish off the orientation, students met in the library to see their old principal, Mrs. Leonard, who wishes them a beautiful journey in their high school career. Next, their new principal, Mr. Bell, had welcomed they into the school. As the freshmen have said goodbye to Dawnwood and hello to Centereach, Mr. Bell reminded them of the key to high school which is “respect all.” Welcome class of 2022, we hope your high school experience is splendid!