Spirit Week

By Patrick Waryold

Spirit Week was an exciting event for Centereach High School. This year’s Spirit Week took place on September 17th through September 21st. The thrilling week of festivities hyped up school spirit and kicked off the sports season with many students anticipating Friday’s Pep Rally. On Monday, students slipped on their patriotic gear and prepared for a day celebrating the American Dream and what the United States is all about: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. On Tuesday, students glowed with happiness as they went to school in their pajamas for Pajama Day; a student favorite, as they remained comfortable throughout their day. Students did not attend school on Wednesday as it was the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. The following day, pupils returned for “Throwback Thursday” wearing clothes from different decades. This was a time for students show off their nostalgic articles of clothing and for teachers to wear their college and high school gear. Friday brought forth a sea of blue and white as everyone showed off their school spirit and team uniforms.