Trick or Treat Street

By Anthony Scarpelli

Trick or Treat Street is an annual Centereach High School event in which all of the school’s clubs each design a theme and give children candy on Halloween. The event lasted from 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. The theme this year for Newspaper Club was Harry Potter. The students were located across from Room 112.  One of the featured decorations at Trick or Treat Street was a fireplace which kids could enter and take a picture. There was also a replica of the sorting hat mentioned in many of the Harry Potter books and movies. Senior Jackson Scott, from Literary Magazine was featured in Trick or Treat Street and dressed up as Dumbledore, the head wizard at the Hogwarts. Though, the most viewed part of the entire theme was the larger than life Harry Potter sign which was made by Cristina Constantino and members of the Literary Magazine. At 4pm many children with different types of Halloween costumes appeared to get candy. All of the decorations and costumes present were thanks to Ms. Mandarine, the club’s Advisor, and all of the members of the Newspaper Club who participated.