National Art Honor Society

By Elaina Rosen and Ashley Barrera

In the prestigious National Art Honor Society, student members are encouraged to attain their highest potential in all forms of art. To apply for the well-known club, are asked to contribute an entry fee, and are required to create a portfolio filled with ten pieces of original artwork or self-taken photos. After meeting these requirements and completing twenty-five hours of community service, individuals inducted into NAHS by senior year will receive a cord at graduation, recognizing their great efforts.

This year, NAHS will be participating in various events such as Trick or Treat Street, Deck the Halls, The Literary Expo, and the annual Middle Country Art Show in the spring of 2019.  The club worked hard on Trick or Treat Street to present their club in the best light. This year, the NAHS Trick or Treat Street theme was based on the original Scooby Doo series with a touch of 1970’s disco. During the event, a variety of games including “ring toss” will be enjoyed among children of all ages.