Culinary & Fashion Club

By Sumaiya Chaudhry and Sadie Sharma

“They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This can be proven true for almost all teenagers, as the turnout for the new club in Centereach High School was tremendous. Introducing Culinary and Fashion Club- a club that allows students to bake what their heart desires and bring their creative fashion ideas to life. Founded by Laiba Qureshi, a junior, the Culinary and Fashion Club was created to spread the passion for baking and fashion design to others. When asked what inspired her to combine the two distinct skills, her response was “It was originally supposed to be just a culinary club until I’ve realized that I could implement so many more ideas and make the club overall more exciting by adding fashion to it.” The “ideas” that she wishes to incorporate into the club include enhancing sewing skills and learning how to tie-dye or even embroidery. Students who join can expect to bake mouth-watering desserts like cheesecake brownies or scones. Meetings will alternate, in which one will be food based and the next will revolve around fashion. When questioned about the success of her club in the near future, Laiba truly believes that it will go on to become a favorite. It is a club that allows students of all grades to participate in and learn new skills. The fact that numerous students made an appearance at the first meeting and left with smiles adorning their faces, as well as a dessert in hand, can attest to that.