Annual Music Festival Hits all the Right Notes!

By Annika Bumb

Bravo! Brava! Encore! The MCCSD Music Faculty Recital this October 23rd warranted a standing ovation from its audience of Newfield and Centereach High School students, parents, and teachers. Centereach Music instructors; Mrs. Wesnofske, Ms.  Meichner, Mr. Schaarschmidt, and Mr. Sevian, to name a few, put their talents on display in a dazzling concert featuring singing and instrumentation. In addition to solo and small group acts put on by the musicians, staff members combined to perform in a Faculty Rock/Pop Band and Jazz Ensemble. The show included renditions of songs and pieces from Debussy to Beyoncé. Overall, the gig was a tremendous success that showcased the artistic aptitude of Middle Country Central School District’s music personnel and even helped raise money for the generous scholarships that will be given it to a few outstanding senior musicians throughout the district.