Centereach High School Homecoming Football Game: Centereach vs. Bellport

By Thomas Rodgers

I must admit, that was one of the most intense high school football games I have ever seen in my life. This year’s Cougars had a great start with an early lead in the Second Quarter. Shortly after the touchdown, Centereach scored a field goal which made the score 10-0 at the end of the third quarter. However, towards the end of the fourth quarter, it became extremely nerve wracking as Bellport was able to score two touchdowns, giving them the lead with a score of 10-15. With only two minutes remaining of the Homecoming game, Centereach was held inside the ten-yard line.  With only 30 seconds remaining, Centereach had one last shot to win.

Then, instead of diving in as they did earlier in the game, Centereach spread out their receivers at the last second before the snap. Quarterback Devin Demetres passed to the far left to the wide receiver and was able to score a last second touchdown. Additionally, they were able to get a two point conversion, so even if Bellport got the chance to score a field goal, they would get overtime. It was an insane match to watch with an end score of 18-15 CHS.