The Fifth Annual Asian Heritage Night–“Love in Asia” Celebrates the Bond We All Share

“Love in Asia”

By Jeremy Schkoda
At 5:30pm, May 30, Centereach High School hosted it’s 5th Annual Asian Heritage Night. This year, they returned with the topic of love, and marriage, hence the name of the event being “Love in Asia.” The entire event had much to look at, and plenty to do, many of which were events, and games from the respective nation’s typical marriage traditions. There were many nationalities included in the festival, such as Japan, Mongolia, India, Bengali, and many more! Each nation presented an exciting new activity, and food for you to both try and enjoy. The students and teachers involved really outdid themselves with the variety, and complexity of the presented activities, booths, and performances. During the event, a different nationality would put on a performance to demonstrate their nation’s talents, and abilities. The performances themselves were extraordinary, and well done, with each performance, and booth providing another new and exciting piece of culture for you to see, and for this reporter, beautiful in a way never seen before. Overall, the event was a huge success, and everyone was amazed and in awe at what they saw at the festival, and those involved with the production of this event must have felt the same seeing what they had developed take form and bring joy on the magnitude it did. Congratulations to all involved!

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