Valedictorian, Anthony Roman and Salutatorian, Olivia Zhu Talk About Their Goals, Successes, Failures, and Obstacles

By Laiba Qureshi and Annika Bumb


“Valedictorian” and “Salutatorian” are prestigious titles. We had a conversation with both Valedictorian, Anthony Roman and Salutatorian, Olivia Zhu about their goals, successes, failures, and obstacles. Anthony and Olivia both agree that their family and friends have greatly contributed to their success. However, it was undoubtedly their own dedication and hard work that led them to academic victory. Olivia began her sophomore year fifth in the class and by junior year, she was number three. She never thought that by senior year she would have climbed to the top two. We also asked them what some of their most formidable obstacles were. Anthony mentioned that balancing self-care with school was most difficult. Olivia also said her biggest struggle was managing her time, especially with extracurricular activities.

So they’re top of their class, but now what? Olivia and Anthony were both accepted to prestigious colleges: Cornell University and MIT, respectively. Anthony plans to become an engineer and take part in theme park designing. Olivia dreams of a job at Google or Apple. She will be majoring in Computer Science at Cornell and with her future degree she will focus on the advancement of A.I. (artificial intelligence).

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