Student Elections 2018 This Thursday! Support Democracy–Your Vote Counts!


By Annika Bumb and Laiba Qureshi


It’s election time again! Our candidates are running hard and campaigning like it’s nobody’s business. You have seen their posters scattered about the hallways and stairwells and you’ve probably received some of their complementary gifts. This year however, campaigning seems to be more difficult since there is a strict no food policy. Campaigners who gained popularity with food bribes in the past are out of luck. Food distracted students, was messy in the halls, and made campaigning more stressful, in case you were wondering.

On Thursday, May 31, you’ll have the chance to vote for the individual you deem most fit for each position. Before you do so however, you should know a little bit more about them than they will let on in their videos. No need to be alarmed though! All potential future student body members plan to use their power for good. As we interviewed candidates, we learned that all of them plan to make sure the voice of each individual student is heard. Their dedication to public interests is summed up in a quote by Ahnaf Khan, “I am willing to jump off of a bridge for the people”. All of the candidates were asked to explain the leadership qualities they have displayed in the past, whether they were volunteering or just taking charge in a classroom setting. It was common to hear good listening skills, personality, approachability, and determination as desirable qualities in a leader. G.O. President campaigners Samantha Cotes and Julianna Dovi also shared the dream of bringing about farfetched events like the Homecoming Dance if they were elected. Grade specific campaigners looked forward to organizing and executing successful annual class events such as Junior and Senior Prom, Trick or Treat Street, and Class Competition. Many candidates have had experience in the Student Body before and claim to have no problem managing and balancing their time. They promise to make their work as President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Vice President of the Student Body their number one priority. The possibility of improvement is what inspired all of our candidates to run, now let’s see if they can make a difference!



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