Murder Crime Caper Solved Again by Centereach’s Crack Forensic Team!

By Crosscurrents’ Crime Stopper Reporters:

    So, Who did it?  According to the updated police report just released, Nicki Minaj hired the Blues Brothers to kill Steven Tyler.  She was outraged that he was being recognized by the Grammys after his comment back in 2012 that she thought was racist. (True story, google it).  When the Blues Brothers found out that CHS crime stoppers were going to investigate, they knew their only hope to get away with it was to kill him before they discovered the truth.  But there is never any “really getting away with murder” as Shakespeare reminds us so often and beautifully in Macbeth. Little did Ms. Minaj know the CHS crime team would get to the bottom of it–and so quickly! 

To quote Forensics expert advisor, Mr. Thomas Brennan, “Till next year I thank you again,  You truly are a great staff and the day would not be possible without you all.”

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