Prom Blast! Juniors Lit Up Dance Floor With Help From a Few Seniors and Sophomores


A Night in Paris

By: Julia Prigl



May 18, 2018 marked the date for yet another extremely successful prom night for the juniors. With the theme “A Night in Paris”, the gym was decorated with sparkling lights, a beautiful Eiffel Tower, and a stone archway which was a hotspot for many stunning prom pictures. Whether it be jumping up and down or slow dancing with their date, the junior class always had the dance floor crowded with eager people having fun with their friends. The DJ kept the music upbeat and exciting and never failed to have his audience singing along. The pictures captured throughout the night, as evident by the ones posted on this website, show the joy and happiness in everyone’s faces. Junior Prom is one of the very memorable events hosted by Centereach High School, and this year’s prom certainly lived up to the amazing night it was made to be.






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