Top 25 “Breakfast for Academic Champions!”

By: Alexandria Ortiz

Every year, the location of the Top 25 breakfast is alternated from Centereach High School to Newfield High School. Today Newfield hosted the annual breakfast, recognizing the hard work of fifty students over the past four years. After an awards ceremony, the celebration began with a delicious breakfast spread. The students where reminded to continue working hard but to occasionally “stop and smell the roses”, as they did today.

Abigail Blount
Dana Marie Cerbone
Alexander Chen
Sakib Choudhury
Emily Lina Dwyer
Daniel Flaim
Kaitlynn Paige Garcia
Ashley Gomez Molano
David Hatami
Kayla Juran
Alec Kiernan
Samer Mahmoud
Naomi Newen
Alexandria Ortiz
Nicholas Polochak
Julia Prigl
Anthony Roman
Megan Rutigliano
Lindsay Scally
Riah Sharma
Jadyn Stallone
Omar Syed
Rebecca Tejada
Austin Young
Olivia Zhu


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