Centereach High School’s National Honor Society Induction Ceremony Brings Out the Best In All of Us!


The Celebrated Scholars of Centereach

By Laiba Qureshi and Annika Bumb

Inductees of The National Honor Society were alive with excitement at the ceremony which would recognize them for their great efforts. On April 12, a group of over seventy accomplished students were inducted into the selective club and adopted a set of weighty responsibilities. The students were required to complete at least twenty hours of community service and engage in extracurricular activities to prove their leadership and service to the Society. Leadership skills are crucial to a student’s acceptance into the Honor Society and it is advantageous if the student holds a position of responsibility or management in a school club. Scholarship is also characteristic of members of the Honor Society. It is necessary for every student looking to be accepted to maintain a GPA of 90 or above. Character is the final factor taken into consideration during the acceptance process. Questions such as “How would your becoming a member benefit the Honor Society?” and “Describe one situation in which you were not proud of your character” were asked of applicants in order to gain a sense of their character. Applicants then submitted the completed application form along with a teacher’s letter of recommendation.

Most inductees would agree that one of the hardest parts of the application process was answering the character based question prompts in the packet. Completing their community and school service hours was not easy either; it took up a lot of time and effort. However, they would also agree that it was worth it in the end as they had the opportunity to attend such an awarding night where friends and family came together to celebrate their hard work and academic success.





By Amir Syed

Centereach High School held its annual National Honor Society Induction on April 12, 2018. The ceremony commenced with the pledge of allegiance being recited by the National Honor Society President, Omar Syed, which was followed by a warm welcome by our principal Mr. Bell. The president commenced the Torch of Knowledge by lighting one of the five candles and interpreted what it represents. The flaming torch serves as a symbol of their purpose and the four unlit candles exemplify the requirements that must be met to uphold membership which consist of character, scholarship, leadership and service. These demands were spoken by Vice-President Emily Tirado, Secretary Samer Mahmoud, and Treasurer Ashley Pandolfi. In order to deliver special significance to each inductee, each person was called up individually to be congratulated by the audience. Once all inductees had been named and formed lines with their candles lit, Omar Syed led them to speak the National Honor Society Pledge. Once this pledge had been recited, and the inductees had sat down, he introduced us to our Superintendent, Dr. Roberta Gerold who spoke about the achievements and perseverance of the new, current, and former members of this Society. After this brief speech, Mr. Bell gave his closing words pertaining to the undeniable diligence and effort displayed by the new inductees.

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