Broadway Lives At Centereach–42nd Street Has Everyone Tapping!

By Sakib Choudhury

It’s that time of year again, musical season! Every year the remarkable theatre department at Centereach High School delivers an extravagant musical to the people of Centereach. This year, they performed an amazing rendition of 42nd Street. The show premiered on Friday, March 23rd in lieu of the loss of the Senior Citizen Tea showing. Despite the numerous nuances and lost rehearsals caused by the inclement weather, the theatre department was still able to come together and put on a great show! Madison McNally performed amazingly as the lead role of Peggy Sawyer, accompanied by Vincent Meyers who put on a great act of playing Julian Marsh. Every year, hundreds of people attend to see what the theatre department has in store, and they certainly delivered this year. Such an amazing show could not have been pulled off without the amazing cast, pit and crew that volunteer a tremendous amount of hours to perfect the show. Of course, a special thanks goes to the director, Mr. Hough for piecing all of this together. Congratulations to the theatre department for a great show and many more to come!

By David Hatami

This past weekend, Centereach’s music department finally unveiled their long awaited annual musical spectacle. 42nd Street was a awe-inspiring manifestation of pure theatrical brilliance. Following the story of the fictional play “Pretty Lady”, the show revolved around the endeavors of Peggy Sawyer (played by Madison McNally), a nervous yet enthusiastic girl hoping to make it big in the show business of 1930’s Broadway. Madison McNally stole the show with her artistic portrayal of Peggy, skillfully progressing through the show with impressive tap-dancing maneuvers and captivating streaks of singing. Robert Montano (playing Billy Lawlor) stunned the audience with his alluring voice, while Alexa Oviedo captured the crowd with her passionate portrayal of Dorothy Brock, in wistful acts of anger, dismay, and joy. In addition to this, Vincent Meyers played the notorious Julian Marsh, the all-powerful director the the fictional play. His robust voice and authoritative stunts undoubtedly left the audience in admiration and reverence for his skillfully dominant acting. The pit band, led by Mr. Schaarschmidt, beautifully supported the show throughout its entire length, musically adjusting for changes in mood and ambiance. The musical carried numerous spectacles of mass tap dancing performances, carried out by most of the cast in unison. The large amounts of hard work and dedication poured into this musical can only leave one envious of the amazing feats accomplished by the theater crew and cast. 42nd Street was undeniably Centereach’s musical of the decade, boasting lovely doses of jealousy, romance, violence, and extravaganza all in one flawless appearance. 42nd Street was truly brought to life this weekend at Centereach High School.

42nd Street Was Sure Success

By Annika Bumb

Centereach High School’s production of the classic Broadway musical 42nd Street was a memorable experience for all involved. The students, parents, and faculty members who devoted much of their time and energy to the show certainly had much to show for it. The talented actors and actresses that performed on stage exuded extraordinary passion and enthusiasm, the likes of which are rarely seen on a high school stage. As the show progressed, you easily found yourself enveloped in the dazzling culture and music of the 30s. The musical spectacular featured impressively coordinated tap dancing, brilliant lights and colors, and sensational singing. The show’s charming scenes were accompanied by lighthearted music produced by some of the school’s finest musicians. In review, 42nd Street was a sure success and a proud moment for Centereach.

By Jeremy Schkoda

On March 23rd, and 24th, Centereach High School invited their community to come and meet those dancing feet, with their performance of the 1993 show “42nd street.” The show was met with unanimously positive responses, including several standing ovations from the crowd, which in and of itself is an outstanding achievement. Beyond that, everyone involved with the show had worked their very best to perform at the level they had, myself included. “About 85-90% of these people have never put on tap shoes before” said Mr. Hough, the director of the show. It’s astonishing how unsurpassably hard these people worked to get to where they were, and we thank them for always doing their best, and wish the best of them for their next production.

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