National Honor Society’s European Handball Tournament Inspires Fierce Competition and Lots of Fun!

By Omar Syed

On March 3, 2018 the National Honor Society hosted the annual European Handball Tournament. Sixteen teams waged war against each other, playing for three fierce minutes. This year, unlike previous years there was no lunch break so the teams played nonstop for more than three hours. Out of the sixteen teams, the best two teams were Hot Pink which featured Nick Corsaro, Tom Robbert, Rob Maina, Niko Seaman, Ryan Decoursey, Dom Ferrara and Jett Tancsik and ranked first place. They were followed by the Dark Purple team featuring Alec Kiernan, Jesse Distasio, Vinny Liotta, Danny Hogan, Marcus Garcia Miller, Liam Quinn, Andrew Caruso, and Brandon Cunha who were ranked second. As expected, these two teams came out on top during the playoffs, with Hot Pink winning the finals 5-2 and taking home the Champion Sweatshirt. The entire day was excruciatingly intense, due to the brevity of each game. The tournament had some blood, some tears, but in the end it was a whole lot of fun!






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