Centereach Poetry Slams Away Expectations!

By Jackson Scott


Many people like to spend the day after Class Competition relaxing after working hard for weeks on end. For students in the Centereach H.S. Literary Magazine however, it was spent experiencing the feelings and listening to the work of their peers. The Literary Magazine held a Poetry Slam on March 2

, 2018, the third one so far that has been held. Students in all grades gathered the courage to share their work and expose their emotions with the world

The slam started out with a total of ten poets sharing one poem each. They were then scored by a panel of judges from one to ten, and their scores were compared. The five with the highest scores were able to move on to round two, and were then scored on their second poem. After another round of deliberations by the judges, three students, Alyssa Hudson, Madison Hodge, and Sehar Akram were selected as the finalists of the slam, and moved on the the third and final round. They then shared their last poems, tugging the heart strings of everyone who was listening. After the last round of scoring, the final ranking was revealed.

For the first time, there was a tie for second place! Sehar Akram and Madison Hodge tied together, both winning a $10 gift card to Starbucks. Alyssa Hudson took first place and won a $20 gift card to Starbucks. While these three poets may have won prizes, everyone who presented was wonderful and had excellent poems to share. The Literary Magazine would love to hold another poetry slam this year, however they need people to sign up to present their poems. If you are interested in being in the next slam, please email Ms. Cohn.


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