Class Competition–Thrills, Laughs, Surprises, But Seniors Win! Then Juniors, Then Freshmen, Freshmen (YES) Then Sophomores!

by Chris Baker and Angela Boscarino

Perhaps the greatest tradition Centereach High School holds is Class Competition. The excitement and energy that radiates from every competitor, teacher, parent and student is absolutely remarkable, year after year. 2018 was of course, no exception, as each grade competed intensely and relentlessly the whole way through. There were multiple shocks that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, literally, especially as the juniors reigned as champions in tug of war, and the freshmen “surviving” their way through to third place over the sophomores. In the end, the seniors came out on top and completed their mission of dominating class competition.


Sophomore’s Strong Start Leads to Sucky Finish

By Tyler Sharma, Thomas Polochak, and Christina Costantino

This year’s class competition was nothing short of unpredictable excitement. The Sophomores start to class competition was nothing short of impressive for the Sophomores. Starting with the volleyball tournament the sophomore team was able to best the seniors and finish second overall. The skit, despite the wrong music being played, was entertaining and stupendous resulting in a second place finish. Similarly, the creative theme and shirt design led to another second place ranking. In the very beginning part of the events the sophomores were holding their own finishing first in pipeline, and second in X-marks the spot and quicksand. Sadly, the second half of the events was nothing but a letdown for the Sophomore Class. The Sophomore class either finished third or fourth place, letting the Freshmen Class pull ahead of them in the final standings. Overall, the planning and design of shirts and skit by the officers of the Sophomore Class was brilliant, well thought out, and executed the Sophomore class of a whole was not able to win enough events to meet and exceed expectations of the overall rankings.







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