Centereach and Newfield Cosmo Girls Team UP In Manhattan for Fashion Week!

Hello Everyone,

This past weekend the Centereach & Newfield Cosmetology students worked alongside of New York Institute Of Beauty and participated in Fashion Week!  The fashion show was a Small Boutique Fashion Show located at Studio 450 in Manhattan, N.Y.  The girls did different types of makeup techniques and hair styles on multiple models for multiple designers.  This was a wonderful exciting experience for our girls and we couldn’t be more proud!  Their hard work, dedication, patience and time was greatly appreciated by the models as well as The New York Institute Of Beauty team. This opportunity challenged them with working on different types of hair and skin tones.


The students who participated in the Small Boutique Fashion Show were:


Devyn Reischman- CHS Senior ( Hair)

Nicole Petillo         CHS Senior ( Makeup)

Emily Menendez-  CHS Senior (Hair)

Karissa Schroeher  CHS Senior (Makeup)

Amirah Nabibaksh NHS Senior (Makeup)

Jilliann Gubelman  NHS Junior (Makeup)

Alexa Singh              NHS Junior (Makeup)


Congratulations to our CHS & NHS Cosmetology Girls!


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