Centereach Returns to Science Olympiad Competition

By Riah Sharma


On January 27, students of Centereach High School took part in the Science Olympiad competition at Ward Melville High School. After an eight year gap, the school decided to run the Science Olympiad club once again as it saw an increase in the number of students interested in science. Mr. Moore, the adviser of the club, showed enthusiasm and appreciation for all of the students who expressed their love for science. He ordered all the equipment and provided the students with everything they needed to practice for the various competitions including parasitology, game on, optics, astronomy and many more. After weeks on top of weeks of practice, the students finally went to the competition. Although they did not win, they gained the experience of a lifetime. The students are now excited for next year’s competition, where they will work even harder and will possibly win!




CHS Students @ Ward Melville High School Competing in Science Olympiad

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