Amber Seifts, #32 Talks Cougar Football!

Interview with Amber Seifts, #32 on the Football Team this Season

By Cristina Costantino, Tyler Sharma, and Thomas Polochak



As you probably know, the varsity football team has had an amazing football season this year and because of their success we decided to interview one of the players. Here are some of the questions we asked the only female player on the team, Amber Seifts.


Crosscurrents: How does it feel being the only girl on the football team this season?


“It was hard to deal with it at first, but I ended up really enjoying it.  The guys on this team are like a family to me now. I have really enjoyed playing with them whether we were  destroying the other team or were getting destroyed ourselves.”


Crosscurrents: What was the hardest thing you encountered during the football season?


“Probably not having the strength that the other guys have on the team. At first I felt inferior to them, especially when we trained in the weight room, but now I have begun to think about myself more positively.”
Crosscurrents: What do you remember most about the season?


“All of the things we accomplished, all the records we broke, and the banners we’ve put up this year. Also that 3rd quarter 28-0 come back. I will never forget how the guys treated me. They were very supportive of me during the whole season. It’s a great feeling to have this much support from the guys and everyone that cheered me on.  ”


Crosscurrents: What do you think your impact was throughout the season?


“I gave other people hope that they can do what they want to, whether it’s trying out for for a team or doing something you really love. I showed people that gender doesn’t matter and that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.”


Crosscurrents:  What was your favorite part about being on the football team this season?


“I would say it was gaining a new family and forming a strong bond with all the boys after all the random things I had to endure with them. Like I said before, the guys really had a big impact on my life and my capabilities as a person and as a teammate.”
Crosscurrents: How did you feel towards your teammates and the experience of your first playoff game?


“I was very proud of my teammates, of how much they accomplished, and the great wins that we had this season. It was a great seeing that we could do everything that people said we couldn’t do!”


Amber Seifts On the Ball!

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