2017–A Favorite Fashion Year for New Looks!

By Laiba Qureshi

People always ask me why I love fashion. The answer is quite simple; fashion allows me to express myself. It is ultimately a way for not just me but for all of us to show off our wonderful personalities. Personally, 2017 was my favorite year as it brought out some of the craziest trends such as ruffles and fur. These trends clearly show that we are taking a step back into the fashion of the 80’s and the 90’s. Dating back to Marie Antoinette, ruffles seem to have a natural gift when it comes to adapting to their surroundings. A ruffled shirt creates a feminine and classical look any day of the week. They are amazing because they can be put anywhere on the shirt including the sleeves, the neckline, or even the bottom. Ruffled dress shirts can also be paired with a variety of different bottoms including skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, capris, or a skirt.

Another popular fashion trend that has been taking 2017 by storm is the statement fur trend. From coats to dresses to hats and purse accessories, fur has taken over the fashion world. Yeezy, J.W., Anderson, and Vetements all featured classic, vintage-inspired coats that looked like they were plucked from an estate sale. Not only fur, but leather is also gaining popularity as Vogue Paris has started to incorporate more leather in their favorite styles. Yet, what’s cool is that these trends are becoming more and more comfortable while fashion is still retaining its sense of fun, its color and glamour. Leather is taking a lead in the fashion community. While it is comfortable, it is also adding a grunge and punk look to classical fashion. Whether you decide to add a touch of leather to your top or bottom, it has a way of adding a unique touch to any ordinary outfit!

These are just some of the great trends that came with 2017. As the year has come to an end, I cannot wait to see what the New Year has in stock for the fashion community!




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