Seniors Get Their Acts Together–Boffo Laughs @ Variety Show!

Senior Variety Show

By Jeremy Schkoda

On January 8, 2018, the Centereach class of 2018 vividly reminded everyone of all the fun times they had in their Senior Variety Show! As the name suggests, the show consisted of varying forms of content, including music, comedy, dancing, and more! It could be said it was hard to pick a favorite skit, between the masterful performance of them all, as well as the conversations between the two hosts during the changing of skits. One of the scenes, entitled “Teachers R Us”, had the students in the audience in stitches, as the scene follows what becomes of your school life when you graduate, and logically, the teacher impressions of the students were hysterical. Another show, “Snowflake,” was less so a skit, as it was a piano piece, drafted, composed, as well as played for the audience by the senior who composed it.  The piece was marvelously done, and came off as both serene and majestic. While the time flew by, the seniors would review their experiences throughout their four school years in the scenes under the radar, as well as make a statement as to how they’re coming to be close, and generally, have a good time. Altogether, the Variety show was very well put together, and a great reminder to make good use of the time you spend in high school.

Show to Remember

By Megan Rutigliano

On January 8, the senior class held its annual Senior Variety Show. The senior class worked very hard in order to ensure that it would be a success. The show featured a variety of acts from singing to dancing to comedy skits. At the end, a slideshow was played which featured pictures that were submitted by the seniors. It was an amazing way to commemorate the class of 2018 and the joyful memories that high school has brought.

Senior Tradition of Excellence Continues @ Senior Variety Show

by Josephine Nielsen

In yet another year filled with activities and events such as homecoming, prom, and graduation comes the CHS senior tradition: the Senior Variety Show. The class of 2018 put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into an amazing performance on Monday. The show might have been rescheduled because of snow, but regardless, this year’s cast brought tears to the audience’s eyes:  both tears of laughter and tears of sadness. There were many vast acts, ranging from The Wiggles to Puppet Pals to The Bachelor. In the skit Homecoming Therapy, the seniors got to relive the mishaps that have befallen the class of 2018 every year at homecoming. This year’s show also included the classic “Teachers’R’Us where the students imitated their teachers. The Men’s and Women’s Choir of Centereach also closed out the show with an arrangement of Rise Up. The audience and cast then got to reflect on the past four years of high school through the slideshow of memories. The night ended with the entire cast singing the finale “High School Musical” together. All in all, it was a wonderful night where no talent was hidden and everyone having a great time. We are beyond proud of our classmates and wish them all the luck with their futures!




























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