AP Breakfast Celebrates Centereach Success With a Bagel!

By Emily Dwyer


On November 22, 2017, the AP students who received bronze through platinum awards on their AP exams were honored with a bagel breakfast. After a year of hard work along with late nights of homework, review, and stress, it is an important event to honor the sacrifices made by these impressive students.

AP classes take school to a whole other level. These students give up social events, sleep, and work tirelessly to achieve success in these difficult classes and exams. The exams are strenuous and tasking, as they last hours and are high level, varying material. Some students even take up to 6 or 7 AP classes, meaning they have to remember material for that many subjects and be tested on all of them within a couple of weeks.

The AP breakfast is the simple way for the school to thank these hard working students for their efforts and provide them with a time to relax, something they rarely receive. It also provides them with a certificate of accomplishment, and while only being a piece of paper, it symbolizes much more. It is the reward and acknowledgement of a year of sacrifice and motivation to continue this success in the future.




By Anthony Roman


On Wednesday, November 22, Centereach High School honored our top students who sought out extra rigor by taking on AP classes in their sophormore or junior year. If a student received a 4 or 5 on their AP test, they were invited to a bagel breakfast for their effort and success. Based on the number of 4s or 5s the student earned, they were awarded either a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum certificate. Our current class shows phenomenal academic potential, as while no platinum awards were given last year, five of these distinctions (Samer Mahmoud, Anthony Roman, Lindsay Scally, Austin Young, and Olivia Zhu) were earned this year. Students put in many hours of hard work and dedication into AP classes, so by rewarding their triumphs in them encourages these students and future students to continue challenging themselves with rigorous courses, allowing for a much greater and fulfilling education.

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