And the Winner is…

By: Kayla Gomez


The Centereach High School volleyball marathon was held on Saturday November 18. There were 6 different teams: the orange team which was a team of teachers and the student teams which were pink, black, white, light blue, and dark green. All the different teams were able to go against each other in the first practice round hour. The second hour is when the points actually counted. With many good hits by all the teams, it was very difficult keeping up with the score. Though it was hard, the score keepers, Ashley Gomez, Zairel Luna, Fariah Alam and I were able to maintain an accurate score sheet. At the end, it was the pink against white for “all the marbles.” The last point was extremely tense and finally determined a white team victory. The white team included Brennan Salvadori, Ryan Mahnke, Anthony Wilms, Blake Bernstein, Amanda Goldstein, Nick Corsaro, and Thomas Robert. The game was tense you wanted to do was look somewhere else, but you just couldn’t. With every point there was an “oohhh” or an “aaahhh”. All the other teams played well, so a congratulation to them. The volleyball marathon was a really fun time and it raised $1,500 for local charities just in time for the holidays.


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