A Marvelous Music Recital!

        Every year, the Music Faculty Recital takes place at the Newfield High School auditorium and  raises money for scholarships. The event also provides an opportunity for teachers to demonstrate their adept musical abilities that have been refined over the years with dedication and practice. Our own music department took part in this event with Mrs. Heather Wesnofske who performed a viola solo and another classical piece in a trio, and Mrs. Joan Verdi who sang soprano. We ended the night with the Faculty Jazz Ensemble, put together by Mr. Lee Schaarschmidt who played the trumpet, and other Centereach High School members including Mr. Greg Sevian on the bass and Mr. Bob Gato on the drum set. With Dr. Diana Cook’s humor and jokes between each act, there was never a dull moment. The audience was engaged and impressed by the abundance of talent possessed by our district’s music faculty. We can’t wait to see them perform again at next year’s music recital!

                                                                                                                         By Naomi Newen



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