Field Hockey Season at Centereach Has Been a Dynamic Two Months!

By Josephine Shea

This field hockey season at Centereach has been a dynamic two months. This season the varsity and junior varsity teams not only had to adjust to new coaches, (Coaches Sandra Christen, Shawn Pleickhart, and Janine Bright), but were also moved up a division. Centereach played teams it has never played before and varsity was lead by coaches they have never played with before. Junior varsity ended their season with 12 wins and 3 losses and their last win was against the undefeated Ward Melville Patriots in overtime. Varsity, on the other hand, ended with 5 wins and 10 losses. Even though varsity’s record doesn’t show it, they made a huge improvement in their skill and in playing as a team.

Some of the events the team participated in this season included a breast cancer fundraiser, breast cancer tournament, breast cancer home game, senior game, and senior dinner. Early on in the season, we sold black and pink shirts and a portion of the profits were donated to a breast cancer charity. October, being breast cancer awareness month, is the prime time for many sports teams to try to help raise money to fund research and help those in need. On October 1, junior varsity and varsity played together in the “Play for a Cure” tournament in Northport. The whole day was full of fun, hard work, inspiration, and lots of pink! That same week, we held a breast cancer game here at Centereach with decorations and a concession stand selling lots of pink-themed home-made goods. The senior game was varsity’s last home game. It’s a game to celebrate our senior players and wish them luck on their path to the future. The seniors receive recognition and flowers before the game as underclassmen read speeches they wrote for them. After the game the senior night dinner is held in the cafeteria and it is open to all the players, their parents, and coaches. After everyone eats, the seniors are given field hockey related gifts that are individually made with their names and jersey number on them. For example, this year, they got nightstand lights (similar to a lamp) that they could bring to their dorms if they decide to go to college. At the end of senior night, it’s all wrapped up with dessert!

This field hockey season has been great for Centereach to adjust and develop skills to propel them into

next year.

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