Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration 2017″Noche de Unidad”

By: Alexandria Ortiz

The Hispanic Heritage Celebration had the greatest turnout yet, uniting the entire community. The night commenced with a flag ceremony, showcasing all the Spanish-speaking countries.  The night featured incredible dance performances from the high school students as well as one dance from the middle school students. The annual essay contest winners were able to recite their sentimental pieces.  After the speeches everyone was able to sample Hispanic cuisine from a variety of countries, which included everything from empanadas to pupusas. There were also booths featuring the traditions and cultures of a multitude of Hispanic countries. The night ended, as it always does, with dancing, dancing, and more dancing.


Hispanic Women Changing Our World for the Better!

By Laiba Qureshi


Latinos are one of the most diverse yet stereotyped race in the US today. Famous Latino women have changed the way that we view art, poetry, and dance.

Gabriela Mistral , Sonia Sotomayor, and Pia Camil are just a few examples of the numerous influential Latino women to break gender barriers and to help future women accomplish their goals. Gabriela Mistral was a great Latino feminist poet, she became the first woman to ever win a Nobel Peace Prize in literature. Sonia Sotomayor is another example of an incredible role model. She was the first Hispanic female Supreme Court justice of the US. Another Hispanic idol, Pia Camil, has inspired a plethora of young female artists with her unique techniques. She reinterprets real life architectural designs and landscapes, as homemade objects.

All three of these women have the goal to prove that gender and race do not define who we are as people. They went against all stereotypes and together made the world a better place. As Mistral once said, “There is the joy of being healthy and fair, but there is overall the beauty, and the immense joy of being useful”.







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