A Spectacular Surprise

As students entered Centereach High School in 2017-2018 school year they were pleasantly surprised with brand-new gym lockers! While sophomore Jonathan Stopanio expressed that the lockers are “much bigger and can hold a lot more,” sophomore, Kheerana Sharma exclaimed that, “the whole locker room smells new!” As these students have shown, the excitement for these new lockers is surely in the air!

According to Joseph Mercado, the Director of Health, “this will be the first time that the gym has been renovated since the school’s construction in 1970.” He explained that the “goal [of these new locker rooms] is to infuse school spirit into the new facility by incorporating the school’s color theme.” The new blue and black lockers with the white tiled floor and blue sparkles definitely capture Centereach’s blue and white spirit.

Mr. Mercado, further informed us that the renovation to these locker rooms cost $581,000 and next on the agenda will be two team rooms at a cost of approximately $370,000 along with a new auxiliary gym at a cost of $380,000. The entire project will end up totaling to about $1,000,000 and has been in the works for the past five years.

Mr. Mercado hopes that all of these renovations will “be ready by the next school year and should last at least 25 years or more”. As students at Centereach we can assure Mr. Mercado that these lockers will last much longer as we appreciate all that the school is doing for us and we will treat these locker rooms with respect!

By: Caitlyn Pietrzak


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