Computer Science Is The Future

IMG_20171003_100051595 (1)     A brand new course was released by the College Board in 2016 called “Computer Science Principles”. This course teaches students the concept of computation, programming, analyzing problems, and communication. Stony Brook University, Harvard University, the University of Oxford, and many other top schools released the Computer Science course in their Engineering and Applied Sciences departments. Centereach High School did the same three years ago. However, the difference is that while many of the colleges charge a great deal of money to take this course, you can take it for free at our school!


    Computer Science will be the number one job for technology in our future. Technology-related jobs are growing at an exponential rate and companies are demanding people who have a high amount of skill in this subject to be able to come out with more innovative products for the competitive market. According to the news, “There will be three jobs available for every 2016 college graduate with a computer science degree”.


If you are interested in this field, take this course at Centereach High School!

By: Mahmoud Elshafei & Kumpu Ide



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