The Ocean Blue

columbus-day-AB Christopher Columbus, a historical figure whose reputation has been marked by controversy in the modern age, comes back into the spotlight every time Columbus Day approaches. Columbus is credited by many as the first European to discover the Americas, which led to their subsequent subjugation by European powers, such as the Kingdom of Spain. Columbus, being born in modern-day Italy, has become a symbol of pride for Italian-Americans all across the United States. However, in light of other controversial statues being taken down from other historic eras, there has been a clamor for Columbus’ to be taken down as well. Some argue that Columbus represents the epitome of Western colonization that led to the gradual decline of native populations in the Americas. On the other hand, others claim that Christopher Columbus’ statue and the celebration his celebration on October 9 is purely a matter of Italian heritage and history. However you may view the man who sailed the ocean blue long ago, the modern world would differ greatly had Columbus never made his famous journey!


                                                                                                       By: Matthew Grunauer

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