The LGBTQ+ Flag is Blowing in the Wind

maxresdefaultThroughout the years, society has become more accepting of humans as they are.  October 11th was National Coming Out Day and Centereach High School has done an amazing job at proving this statement. On this day our school showed its acceptance towards those who differ in sexuality.Students, teachers, and staff  were shown that they can be proud of who they are whether  Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender. Our very own students at Centereach have also created an LGBTQ+ club through which they were able to hand out ribbons and create posters to raise awareness for this significant day which symbolizes a new beginning for many people around the world. Students were further encouraged to wear purple to show their support for everyone coming out. When asked how they felt about this day, one student said, “I’m glad this is being recognized”, but like many others, she still wishes that this acceptance become the “norm”. Proudly, we can assure her that as our society continues to develop her wish will come true!


 By: Sumaiya Chaudhry, Aima Chaudhry and Ashley Martin Barrera and Anthony   Scarpelli

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